Audio Network

Hatton Garden
8 weeks
10500 sq ft

Audio Network

LOCATION: Hatton Garden
SIZE: 10500 sq ft
TIME: 8 weeks

Design Overview: Audio Network is an independent music company, breaking down boundaries to deliver authentic and creative music solutions to content creators in every industry, all around the world. The company collaborates with over 750 talented composers and artists, and has over 100,000 tracks in its catalogue, carefully curated into albums and playlists in every imaginable genre.

Audio Network was looking to integrate all members of the staff within one floor plate, The Jonhson Building was the perfect set up for it. A clear divide between fun and co working areas was a key consideration within the Design. The rectangular floor plate was divided into three clear areas .Breakout-Meeting Rooms and Open Plan. One of the key elements was having a fantastic breakout area capable of catering internal tea breaks to live band gigs. Being at the forefront of the music industry, it was essential to Audio Network that everything within the office represented their passion for music. The breakout area does just that with its bold finishes and large bleacher located in the centre of the floor, making it the perfect space for bringing people and music together.

The intermediate point within the space offers various meeting spaces with the best possible acoustic properties , and a brand new listening room with a state of the art sound system. The open plan area needed to be fluid and organic, as far as possible from a call centre room but capable of adapting for future expansion requirements. All in all the office is a space that supports and enables Audio Network to deliver authentic and creative music solutions around the world.

Key features:
Listening room
Bespoke bleacher
Bespoke booths
Acoustic meeting rooms