A day in the life of a project manager

Day begins.. Girlfriend’s alarm goes off at 6.30am which means I’m awake too. Phone still on not disturb to give me some much-needed time to myself every morning to prepare for the day ahead. I always start the day by…

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Knowledge in Design

Imagine a workplace that caters to all your unique working needs, without any extra effort or thought from the user. Workplace consultancy is knowledge in design! It defines the vision, approach and strategy for how your workplace will enable your business…

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When starting your office design process, you will no doubt hear industry terminology that makes no sense to you whatso ever. This business decision can be challenging as it is, without the added pressure of having to decode design and…

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The Office

We have been reading a lot about the history of the office recently. The origins of the word ‘office’ go back to the Latin interpretation of the word “duty” or a place to fulfil one’s duty to their employer. This…

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