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Do’s and Dont’s for transforming your workplace

Director of Workplace Consultancy at DeVono, Amanda Irwin, shares her top Do’s and Don’t for returning to the office.

With the pandemic induced working from home experiment drawing to a slow, bumpy close, and many businesses planning their back-to-the-office strategy. The change can feel incredibly daunting to some, whilst for others its exciting and positively disruptive. Guiding clients on the shift from traditional work styles to a more progressive approach is what workplace consultants have been doing for years. Previously we referred to hybrid working solutions under a few other monikers…Agile, Activity-Based, Flexible. The reality is that hybrid working has elements of all these working styles and consultants like me have been living and breathing them for years.

Before the pandemic, many businesses were hesitant to move to a dynamic way of working.

A dear client I worked closely with 2 years ago, luckily made the decision to make a radical shift in their working style, which resulted in a dramatic rationalisation of their footprint. All the evidence from the way they worked and used their space was clear and I was confident that they could be successful making the change. Still, there were some nerves on decision day, but ultimately it was approved and their space was refitted. Catching up with them a year ago, they happily told me that because they had gone with a flexible layout and formally introduced agile working, they felt confident that they were fit for the new future COVID-19 dealt them. That being said, don’t fear you’ve been left behind, most companies are going through this exercise right now and asking all the same questions you are. I’ve put together a few of my top do’s and don’ts when considering your return to the office.

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