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How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

A quote we are sure you are all familiar with and is something that we often have to remind ourselves of at Dthree too.

For professionals, working can easily become the most important focus in your life. Especially when you enjoy what you do and want to be the best at it! But that’s not to say you can only achieve this by neglecting your personal life. It is all about creating a healthy work – life balance. Sounds easy right?

However, many of us still struggle with what this actually means.

Creating a healthy work – life balance is incredibly important, not just for your overall happiness, but also for boosting your productivity and general performance at work.

If you are career focused, you may believe that becoming successful in your job is what will make you happy. But what you may not know, is that by focusing solely on your career and neglecting your personal life, you may also be neglecting your health. And without a good health, you could be jeopardising your career.

As your health should be by far the most important aspect of your life, we wanted to share some simple steps to help you achieve a well rounded work – life balance without taking your eye off that career goal!

Time Management:

It seems like the most simple step, but is one that many of us still struggle with. Even the most organised person can feel like their deadlines are never ending and find themselves working ridiculously long hours to get the job done. Time management is all about prioritising your work load, setting yourself achievable deadlines and making sure you dedicate the required time for the task at hand without over stretching yourself.

A to do list can be the most effective and efficient way to better your time management and to prioritise your tasks. It will also give you a quick snapshot of what you are working on, so if any more deadlines come through the door, you are able to manage people with realistic timescales based on what you are currently working on.

Know when to switch off:

One of the biggest challenges with achieving and maintaining the right balance between your career and personal life can separating home from work, especially with today’s technology. Businesses are increasingly embracing the new communication platforms available to them, from emails to instant messaging and social media, the list is ever growing. Even if you make a point of leaving the office on time, the fact that these new ways of communication are constantly present and can come through at any time to your mobile, means regardless of whether you’re at home or in the office, you are still working.

We can all be tempted to look at our emails late at night for peace of mind, or to respond to a message from bed regarding an important deadline, but it’s vital to switch off and spend a couple of hours a day for you.

One way you can do this is by turning off notifications on your phone in the evenings and weekends, to avoid the temptation of looking at an email or message once it flashes up on your screen. Making plans so that you are kept busy is another way of combating temptation. See your family or friends, and leaving your phone at home so that you have no distractions can help you really focus on living in the moment.

Change your environment:

Explore what’s around you at work, look at what there is to do and try to make the most of them. Whether its spending your lunch break at the gym,  going for a walk to get some fresh air or even hitting up the local coffee shop for a well needed energy boost – anything to get you away from the office from time to time.

It is no good sitting at your desk for 12 hours a day looking at your screen waiting for the next spurt of motivation. Your focus is imperative to your success and no one can stay focused for 12 hours straight without a break! So try changing your environment even if its just for an hour at lunch, you will feel a lot better for it and your productivity and performance levels will rocket.

Take care of yourself:

Working all the time will eventually burn you out, and lead to you feeling poorly or run down. Regardless of how much you value your job, it is crucial to take care of yourself in the process. If you are not feeling 100% or are exhausted from the long hours, your performance and productivity will inevitably drop.

We all have busy days, but that’s no excuse to push your health aside. Always try to eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise when possible (even if its just moving around the office) every little helps!

We hope these simple steps help get you on the right path for having a better work – life balance! Remember, you are not alone so if you are feeling overwhelmed or unhappy, speak up and seek help.



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