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Office Fitout Guide: Understanding Your Requirements

In this part two of the Office Fit out Guide, we share everything that you need to know when deciding to improve your work space. The guide describes best practice when writing a comprehensive brief for your new space, processes to find the right commercial partner and advice on choosing your location and planning your departure.

Preparing Your Commercial Office Fitout Brief :

The company collectively needs to establish whether you need to relocate to a new space or if refurbishing your existing office space will suffice. As a starting point, it is important to identify what you hope to achieve from a possible relocation or office refurbishment process. This is an opportunity to scrutinise and shortlist what works and what doesn’t in your office design, paying close attention to any pain points and challenges discovered in this part of the process.

It is important to be as methodical and specific as you can at this stage. The more information you can provide, the more this will benefit you in achieving exactly what you want from this transition to your new workplace. Key areas to cover at this stage include:

Identifying Your Office Space Requirements:

Having identified the strengths and weaknesses of your existing setup, you will now be positioned to understand where there is room for improvement. You should use this opportunity to look at your future business plans and consider the likelihood of staff growth over the next few years which could affect the amount of space required. If you need more space, then your next location should take potential growth into account.

If you believe you currently have enough space and additional room for growth, then redesigning your current office space is the way forward. It is important to understand how you could be using this space more efficiently. Whilst looking into your space requirements, always keep in mind the various effects our environments can have on our mental wellbeing, performance and motivation levels. his will help you make decisions that will support your business, both today and in the future

Find your commercial agent / design and build partner:

You don’t have to appoint a property agent when looking to relocate, but having one will significantly aid your search as they have the time, resources and required contact base to find the perfect location and space to fit your unique needs. They are also best placed to conduct complex negotiations on your behalf.

Your fit out partner will then be with you every step of the transformation, and able to guide you based on your requirements with minimal stress. Your chosen fit out partner will get to know your business inside out – delving into key factors that enhance employee productivity, whilst also identifying the different wellbeing and working needs across the board. During this thorough process, your fit out partner will also gain an understanding of your business goals and brand values. This will ensure your new space not only reflects and communicates these values but help your business tell its story and define its purpose whilst also evoking a sense of belonging for staff working there.

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To ensure that this process is as efficient as possible you should select a fit out partner who will be able to help you with every aspect of the project. This includes elements such as initial workplace consultancy, employee engagement surveys, design and build management, electrical and mechanical specifications, as well as aftercare.

Choosing the perfect workplace location:

By now you should have a specific idea of what it is your business and people require from their new space and location. Maybe you want to move somewhere in the heart of the city with a more upmarket postcode and better connectivity for commuting, or perhaps you want to escape the hustle and bustle and relocate to a quieter zone with cheaper costs and increased space. To speed up the search, appointing a property agent able to carry out building and location analysis is strongly advised. The findings of this process will provide the agent with the information they require to source the perfect workplace for your business needs.

Planning your departure:

If you are relocating, then it is important to ensure you plan ahead and fulfill your company’s lease requirements. Tips for a smooth departure include:

  • Make sure no bills outstanding on your lease – You don’t want anything coming back to haunt you down the line.
  • If you own the space, plan ahead with sale or rent arrangements to ensure you are not paying for two properties.
  • Take care of any dilapidations or rental costs to avoid any unwanted delays with your new purchase or tenancy.

If you are looking for more advice on understanding your workspace requirements contact us today, we are ready to help.

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