Our Process.

We Consult, 
Collaborate and Create.

With Dthree by your side, every stage of the process is streamlined, making what can be a daunting journey, a smooth and enjoyable one that meets your timescales and budget.

We specialise in finding simple solutions to complex challenges – from helping you navigate the property market, to analysing your business in order to create an office that truly reflects your employees’ needs.

At every stage of the process, your dedicated project management team will keep you informed and involved. Through consultation and close collaboration, we make sure that every detail is tailored to your needs, and you get the office your business deserves.

Project Brief .

  • Establish a collective vision and goals for future business growth
  • Understand user aspirations and how the space could help their working requirements
  • Understand your brand and culture with bespoke questionnaires and surveys
  • Carry out team interviews and workshops
  • Put together your operational brief

Concept Design.

  • Outline proposed floor plans using space requirements and illustrate shared and private working spaces
  • Highlight key user adjacency
  • Visualise aesthetics of the space using brand and cultural findings
  • Develop a clear operational strategy
  • Outline and present building opportunities
  • Establish look and feel strategy

Design Scheme.

  • Review and select proposed finishes
  • Present detail floor plan and layout for final sign off
  • Present furniture options
  • Sign off look and feel options
  • Outline IT and AV scope of works
  • Outline mechanical and electrical requirements
  • Obtain landlord and statutory approvals

Detail design procurement.

  • Fulfil all mandatory Health and Safety requirements
  • Furniture showroom visits for specification sign off
  • Detailed outline of all design elements
  • Sustainability review
  • Issue technical drawing pack for all operational requirements
  • Insure works and advise Client on their Insurance obligations


  • Procure all labour, services and materials
  • Contractor package workshops
  • Manage construction works
  • Implement quality control procedures
  • Supervise health and safety on site
  • Submit weekly progress reports

Occupy Review.

  • Carry out practical completion
  • Ensure all systems are live and ready for use
  • Manage relocation of all personnel
  • Complete staff training for new site
  • Conduct post move survey for feedback
  • Carry out defects inspections

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