11 Lonsdale Road.

11 Lonsdale Road.

  • Size: 1,138 sq ft.
  • Location: West London
  • Type of Project: CAT B
  • Submarket: Greater London
  • Landlord / Tenant: Landlord


  • Design development: 5 weeks
  • On site: 5 weeks


Longstanding client, Brunswick Property Partners appointed Dthree Studio to design their HQ within the community hub they themselves developed through the Akoya brand, which meant relocating to one of the iconic buildings on Lonsdale Road. This building in particular already had charm and character, so the brief was built around retaining and maximising that. The approach to the space plan and concept design was largely built upon the idea of a co-working space. We wanted to create somewhere that was always fluid, full of energy and flexible for both social and professional occasions, whether it’s client meetings, day to day informal chats, or evening get together’s.


We worked closely with the team at Brunswick so that all their individual styles and personality were considered at the design concept stage. Once in construction, it was key to have good communication with the client team through weekly site progress meetings, to ensure that all details were thought about and discussed at key stages. The majority of build elements were bespoke in design and manufacture, so that the space was utilised to its full capacity and provided a diverse and rich material palette. This meant that a high level of coordination was needed between trades.


Result / Final Outcome:

The outcome is a high-quality, flexible space with plenty of the Brunswick/Akoya character and style incorporated. The materials chosen with textured timbers and soft lighting, reflect that cosy London bar feeling, juxtaposed with finessed metal details to provide a professional and high quality finish. The first floor working space worked mostly off the rich existing architectural palette, by exposing existing brick and painted ceiling beams to create a comfortable and open workspace. Track lighting and feature pendants were used, as opposed to standard office linear fittings to further establish that co-working environment.