• Size: 12,869 sq ft.
  • Location: North London
  • Type of Project: CAT A+
  • Sector: CAT A+
  • Submarket: Greater London
  • Landlord / Tenant: Landlord


  • Design development: 10 weeks
  • On site: 8 weeks


The brief was focused around creating a fully seamless plug and play solution within this larger floorplate, to engage and attract a wider variety of potential tenants post pandemic. Typically fitted solutions such as this exist on a smaller floorplate, therefore it was key that this space was fully considered from connectivity, to appliances in the teapoint, right down to the style and functionality of the furniture pieces, so if a tenant wanted to they could be active within 24hrs of moving. From a lettings perspective, it was important to the client, that the space was design led and engaging, with a high quality finish, and exhibited examples of the hybrid working trends we have seen emerge as a result of the pandemic. From an aesthetic perspective, Berkley Homes pride themselves on high quality finishes and design, and it was key that this office space mirrored that, through carefully considered finishes and detailing


Coordination between contractors and technical design was key in implementing this project, due to the careful consideration required for the existing services and preventing impact on these, without compromising the design and functionality of the space.

Result / Final Outcome:

This space is both forward thinking and competitive among other offerings within the area. The aesthetic outcome is sympathetic to the industrial CAT A design, whilst refined and engaging to a multitude of potential tenants without alienating a specific sector.