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The ‘peopleplace’: People first, business aligned.

Introducing Office23, the workplace ‘peopleplace’ of the future.

Office23 is your future of work, whether that means fully back to the office or a hybrid solution, we’ll go on the journey with you – redefining what the office means to your business and your employees. From reinvesting in your corporate culture to refitting space to building a solid digital toolbox, we’ll help you visualise your Office23 strategy.

The alignment of your business and your people’s needs is vital to your success. The positive impacts on individuals resulting from working and collaborating where they are most productive, lead to enhanced personal development and brand stewardship. Therefore, the workplace becomes the peopleplace.

The world has sped through 20 years of change in 18 months, and workplaces have had to react to ever changing expectations and requirements. We predict another period of evolution as businesses use the next 18 months to continually review workplace strategy, before arriving at a period of stability closer to 2023 when there will be a long-term redefinition of what the office means to them.

The return-on-investment of involving your people in the Office23 strategy will come back ten-fold. Aligning people, team and business needs brings people along the journey together, improving buy-in later down the line.

Dthree have helped various businesses navigate their way through the unknown brought on by the pandemic, but one business in particular who we have worked closely with both pre and post pandemic to find workplace solutions which support their evolving needs, is leading dating app Bumble.

When it comes to the ‘people first’ approach of Office23, Bumble are increasingly recognised as an organisation that does just that.

Following the impact the pandemic had on our work life, as well as the many strains it placed on our wellbeing and mental health, Bumble wanted to ensure their workplace was an environment that put the needs of their people first. Essentially the core focus of their design brief was to create a ‘home from home’ environment.

There was a heavy emphasis on making sure that every individual felt valued and cared for when using the space. Staying closely connected to that, the new space provides a wealth of people-focused areas,  including anything from individual and quiet work areas, team collaboration and social zones, through to 24 hour catering and self-care facilities.

Hospitality and employee amenities played a vital role in the design. You can get your hair or nails done, have a home-cooked meal, or healthy snack from the fully catered canteen – anytime of the day.

It was our responsibility to understand the different needs of the workforce and ensure the space reflected and supported these. It was essential that all of the spaces had the right level of energy and liveliness, to encourage collaboration, whilst also having consideration for the quieter working areas to allow for those head down moments.

A successful solution to this was through flexibility, by offering a variety of choice. Efficient use of the available floor plate, provides lots of different pockets of space for people to work, depending on their individual needs. Each enclosed area has been provided with high acoustic treatment, and low level lighting, to create the perfect, distraction-free zone. This means that even in an extremely collaborative and energetic workspace, there is a wealth of quiet areas.  In keeping with the ‘homely’ experience, there is also ample opportunity for the team to “bespoke” their working areas – with bookshelves, posters, picture frames, and planters – allowing people to add small items which are personal to them, in the same way you would in your own home.

To find out more about Office23 and how we can help you redefine the way you work by putting your people first, get in touch with our Workplace Consultancy experts today!


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