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Why a hybrid office might be what you are looking for…

In as little as 2 years ago, the phrase ‘hybrid office’ would not have been present in mainstream media, or our collective subconsciouses. Fast forward through 18 months and one global pandemic, and all of a sudden the office as we know it became questionably obsolete.


Before we get into the nuts and bolts of why the office is still a key part of our society and will be for years to come, we have to go back to a time when workplaces were filled with the smell of tobacco, pinstripes were the rage, and the gossip came from the so called “water cooler”. It was here that the office really made its mark. Deals won and lost, promotions and redundancies, mergers and acquisitions, relationships and the cyclical booms and busts typical of economies. The office grew in popularity and importance, representing both the heart and the mind of businesses. In the UK you only have to look back to Q4 2019 which saw annual leasing activity reach 11.5 million sq ft, 8.9% above the 10-year average of 10.6 million sq ft, with the banking and finance sector taking a 21% share. The office was ubiquitous, there wasn’t even a consideration of it’s validity. Yet fast forward two years and all of a sudden, the traditional workspace has been questioned, scrutinised, and even transitioned into a “hybrid” space.

The reason…?

People and businesses alike have realised that different roles can be more efficient when people get to choose where they compete certain tasks. Be that working from the office, their home or any number of ‘thirdspaces’ such as cafes, coworking spaces, hotel lobbies or frankly anywhere that supports them doing their best work.


This makes for an interesting question, will the office ever return, or will we forever be working partly remote? Honestly, we won’t have a definitive answer for at least 2 years, however having said that, the hybrid transition is a sign that things are slowly progressing. Having a space that provides exactly what you need, is not just efficient but rewarding. Your workplace strategy must be one that allows you the freedom to choose, be inspired and make the office work for you. No longer are you stuck in a cubicle, sat looking at a blank wall or in a drab room with a glowing light above your head. This hybrid era has really changed the way people look at work, and to stay relevant, the old office needs to wake up and evolve to help make this transition a long-term reality.  Boris’s comments about bringing people back to our cities and reviving London high street businessess, are well intentioned, but to move the workforce forward, it’s more important to plan how the office can adapt, transition, and become a hub for the future.


Our colleagues at DeVono Property, are doing just that with their launch of “Office23”. This approach represents our desire and ability to aide clients with their transition of their workplace, creating a humancentric space for the future, allowing them to become more efficient and enhance their company culture – and by proxy their productivity.

Now is the time to realise your future work strategy. Get in touch today, so our team of workplace experts can help you identify a hyrbid working style that is right for your business and people. 

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