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2022 Office Design Trends

A new year, by nature, brings with it the optimism of new opportunity and fresh starts. So as a weary world continues to ponder what the future holds, we asked our designers to shed some light on the future of the office with their 2022 office design predictions.

Despite the tumult we have collectively endured over the last two years, one thing that is for certain is that the office is here to stay, but the role in which it plays will vary from business to business.

Throughout 2021, the office has evolved from a place employees had to be, to a place employees want to be, by becoming a central hub that played a crucial role in bringing businesses and people back together.

With 2021 now drawing to a slow and bumpy close, many businesses are continuing to rethink their business strategies and trying to navigate the consistent uncertainty that surrounds us all as we step into 2022.

So what design trends will we see prevail throughout workplaces in 2022?

‘Home from Home’ Environments

Work spaces composing heavy residential influences is a trend that really took shape following the lift of restrictions and work from home guidelines mid way through 2021. Many businesses wanted to provide their people with an environment they could feel at home and comfortable within.

Throughout 2022, home inspired design will take further prominence within the commercial interior world, with the introduction of home comforts, such as softened furniture and non-traditional office accessories, patterns and textures. As the trend evolves, retro influences with hints to the classic design era will begin to emerge, through the inclusion of rich and bold tones and a revival of cult pieces in a modern interpretation.


By no means a new trend, but is one of tremendous importance nevertheless. Over the last year, sustainability has become a top priority for businesses and people alike, and commercial design is no different. Although there has been positive behavioral changes to date, there is still plenty of room for improvement which we strongly believe will prevail over the next 12 months.  It’s a subject that’s become hard to escape from, and for good reason too because as the current crisis lingers, it’s clear that it’s not the only one we’re facing.

The built environment currently accounts for a total of 45% of UK carbon emissions,  and therefore “we would if we could” is no longer good enough, and instead sustainability will become a prerequisite for all office design briefs throughout 2022.

For more details around the sustainable steps we take to create environments our clients can be proud of, read our Creating a Sustainable Workplace blog.

Smart Spaces

Whilst many business owners rethink their business strategies to align with their people’s professional and personal needs, we see this developing with more hybrid working models, and the progression of smarter spaces.

These flexible spaces will essentially support various purposes and functions, by giving people the choice of how they use it, which in turn will offer businesses the potential to reduce their overall floor plate but still achieve successful results.

Your workplace strategy must be one that allows employees the freedom to choose, be inspired and make the office work for them. No longer are you stuck in a cubicle, sat looking at a blank wall or in a drab room with a glowing light above your head. This hybrid era has really changed the way people look at work, and to stay relevant, the old office needs to wake up and evolve to help make this transition a long-term reality.

People First

Give people the why! The office in 2021 played a pivotal role in creating a destination that brought people and businesses back together when we needed it most. In 2022 the office will continue to evolve further into the ‘people place’ that will undoubtedly prioritise wellness spaces, collaboration and socialisation, among other people-focused requirements. After months of uncertainty, people need to be drawn back into the office for a purpose, not a policy.

Throughout 2022, we will see businesses looking to reinvent the workplace as an environment where people can accomplish things they can’t from home, with emphasis on prioritising their overall well being and happiness. There will of course be a natural push and pull of what management want and what individuals want, but the answer lies in having a true understanding how people are most productive.


The workplace is currently in a heightened state of evolution with changes in job roles, working patterns, movement
in demographic trends, and a fundamental shift in how we interact with our colleagues and clients. Layer in advances in technology, connectivity, and the hybrid workplace, and the effects in how we work become ever more complex.

Thus, now is the time to review your digital culture, and technology is the great equaliser.

The work-from-home directive ushered in  a sea of change in the world of work, but this change was already occurring; the pandemic just supercharged it, forcing companies to adopt, adapt, and transform quickly.

The return-to-the-office has resulted in increased hybrid working, technology has become even more vital to ensuring that everyone is on equal footing, even when WFA (work from anywhere).

Throughout 2022, businesses will be harnessing the power of technology within their workplaces, by finding the right solution for their workforce.

To find out more about the technology solutions supporting the hybrid workplace read DeVono’s latest guide on Achieving a Seamless Digital Experience. 

If you want to know more about how we can help you improve your workplace to get the best out of your people and business, get in touch today.

And if you are simply just looking for inspiration and ideas on how to better your workplace, head over to our projects page to see what we have been working on with our clients. 

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