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We have been reading a lot about the history of the office recently. The origins of the word ‘office’ go back to the Latin interpretation of the word “duty” or a place to fulfil one’s duty to their employer. This statement alone really shows how much the workplace, or perhaps the relationship of the employer and employee has changed since paid work begun.



What we want to focus on very briefly though is the history of work and how the office has affected this over the last century.

So where to begin? With a statement is always a good place.

“Right now, is the best time in the history of human beings to work in an office”.

This is more fact than statement.

The evolution of the workplace; the different sectors available to us all and the general attitude toward the office makes it an exciting time for everyone involved. There has never been more studies and research into modern working and the effects of the workplace as there is today. There have also never been this many people employed to provide you with a better solution to your working life.

If you take yourself back to 100 years ago, the average day of a working man or woman in London was in reality, pretty dreary. The majority would be working in a factory or a clerical office. Most days would end with taking off an apron or gloves, putting down your tools, with minimal workers’ rights and no guarantee of a job next week. This should help you appreciate your office job and being cooped up inside on a hot day more than you were 2 minutes ago!

Today the office is so much more than a desk – It is a place for collaboration, innovation and inspiration. This is something every business should be embracing – if not now, then it should be in your 3-5 year business plan. The opportunities available to us are endless, and every day the boundaries of the office are being pushed even further to create the ultimate hub for employees and businesses to thrive in.



I understand those who say they feel their jobs are boring and menial and I don’t blame the individual for this, the leadership of the business are culpable. One thing we need to realise is, enterprise and business is exciting and where we work should reflect this.  It is vital to understand how your employees work and what gets them motivated each day.

75% of clients we meet will mention culture at some point in their brief, and yes it’s no secret that an office can help to build and support a company’s culture, but what a lot of people do not realise is that culture primarily comes from their staff finding the joy in what they do and in the service they provide. Stripping things back and identifying the simple drivers and human emotions we all search for will really help in providing that office your staff desire.


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