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Imagine a workplace that caters to all your unique working needs, without any extra effort or thought from the user.

Workplace consultancy is knowledge in design! It defines the vision, approach and strategy for how your workplace will enable your business to achieve its long term goals and objectives.

Workplace strategy starts with considering which work processes create value for your business, clients and most importantly your employees. It then creates a plan that best supports them.




























With ‘people’ being a business’ biggest overhead and most valuable asset, the importance of the physical space they occupy has never been more significant.

With Dthree by your side, relevant aspects of well being, policies and process are combined to create the optimal workplace. Essentially providing you with a workplace that actually works, by inspiring those who use it to improve productivity, which in turn will boost your overall business performance.

These results are enhanced by conducting various evidence based surveys at the start of your journey, during which we will use our experience and business expertise to gain a better insight into your business, your building, your people and each of your unique working requirements. This will allow us to define our recommendations and understand your desired end goals so we can provide you with a work space that actually works.

Our recommendations will effectively act as a guide and support you in forming your design brief. It is at this stage that we will work closely with you to design, build and deliver your new space.


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