AXA Investment Management.

AXA Investment Management.

  • Size: 12,869 sq ft.
  • Location: South London
  • Type of Project: CAT ACAT A+
  • Sector: CAT ACAT A+
  • Submarket: Greater London
  • Landlord / Tenant: Landlord


  • Design development: 10 weeks
  • On site: 16 weeks


AXA IM appointed Dthree Studio to undertake a full CAT A and CAT A+ refurbishment to the 1st floor (7,493 sq ft), a full CAT A refurbishment to the 2nd floor (10,131 sq ft), including a full refurbishment of WCs to the 1st and 2nd floors, as well as a “light touch” refurbishment of the ground floor reception area. Our brief was to retail the
existing mechanical and electrical systems, while giving the spaces a full overhaul and refurbishment to provide high quality office space to be launched into the market.


Coordination between contractors and technical design was key in implementing this project, due to the careful consideration required for the existing services and preventing impact on these, without compromising the design and functionality of the space.

Result / Final Outcome:

The reception, while only a “light touch” refurbishment, has been transformed by treatment of the existing stone flooring, new feature lighting and an enhanced welcome area with new signage and decoration.

The 2nd floor CAT A development offers an incoming tenant a perfect blank canvas with all improved services.

The 1st floor ‘plug and play’ scheme is designed with both flexibility, collaboration and specific zones in mind. The design aesthetic is welcoming but professional, with the furniture, dressing and planting all softening the space and adding the occasional pops of colour.