Point 2 Surveyors.

Point 2 Surveyors.

  • Size: 5,737 sq ft.
  • Location: West London
  • Type of Project: CAT B
  • Sector: Professional Services
  • Submarket: Greater London
  • Landlord / Tenant: Tenant


  • Design development: 12 weeks
  • Construction: 6 weeks



The leading objective for this project was to create a workplace which was truly representative of Point 2 Surveyors.  This was multi-faceted and focused on representing the calibre and reputation of the business by providing a quality industry facing space.  It also meant portraying and celebrating the talent, skillset and capability of the individuals within the team and retaining and attracting members of staff.



Dthree Studio’s approach was one of understanding.  We needed to understand the nuances and requirements of individuals, the dynamic of the various teams, as well as the voice and messaging of the business.  The results came from a series of interviews, workshops and tours to form the design response and correct solution.

As with all of our projects, responsible material sourcing, sustainability and longevity was at the forefront of our specification.  With every product considered before proposal and sign off to the Point 2 team.


Result / Final outcome:

The workplace of Point 2 Surveyors balances the high quality and professional feel that you would expect as a guest, whilst providing spaces for high engagement and fun for the people.  As you enter the space as a guest and experience the journey between welcome, refreshment and meeting you subconsciously absorb that Point 2 is an award-winning consultancy with unrivalled levels of experience and technical ability.  The working space allows its over 70 creative and technical individuals to thrive with a high variety of working environments with technology seamlessly integrated into the design.  Finally tucked away is the hidden gem of the space, the team’s breakout area and balcony – a playful, fun and energetic space which allows the team to come together and their culture to flourish.