Portfolio Payroll.

Portfolio Payroll.

  • Size: 7,000 sq ft.
  • Location: North London
  • Type of Project: CAT B
  • Sector: Finance
  • Submarket: City Fringe
  • Landlord / Tenant: Tenant


Portfolio Payroll appointed Dthree 16 weeks prior to their target occupation date, this allowed for 8 weeks design development and an 8 week construction period.


The Brief

  • An office design that encourages fun and celebration of the company‚Äôs achievements
  • Whiteboard space is imperative to the teams working practices, the challenge was to incorporate this in to the design
  • Quiet booths and small interview rooms
  • To create an intelligent use of space throughout the floor
  • A clear separation of front and back of house
  • A workplace that encourages individuality alongside a real team work