• Size: 6,565 sq ft.
  • Location: North London
  • Type of Project: CAT B
  • Sector: Technology
  • Submarket: Clerkenwell
  • Landlord / Tenant: Tenant

Client feedback

“When we first met Ben and Jess from Dthree, we were immediately impressed with how quickly they understood the briefing and got on with it. I’m still amazed that the first GA plan they sent us at the start of the process remained largely unchanged up until the end – which shows how great they were from the start.

The whole team were super responsive to any changes or tweaks we had to send their way (of which there were several) and we really felt listened to and understood as we moved forward. And then being able to come to site on a weekly basis and work with Harry and his team and see the office take shape in front of my eyes was really fantastic. We had a very short turnaround time once the works had started and I really appreciated the hard work, flexibility and communications from their side.

Frankly, we couldn’t have done it without them.”


  • Design development: 12 weeks
  • Construction: 7 weeks

Client Brief:

Cero’s previous space wasn’t suitable for them in size or layout, and wasn’t aligned with their growth ambitions. Having an enjoyable, aesthetic and spacious work environment is a strong leading indicator for employee engagement, and was something they team placed significant value on when searching for an appropriate London headquarters for a leading European renewables platform.

Cero wanted to create a beautiful work environment which would facilitate interpersonal and team-connections, and make it a destination office. This meant it needed to be warm, inviting and modern. And it needed to reflect our mission – to deliver a net zero future – so sustainability credentials were very high on the list as well.


Cero appointed Commercial Property Advisors, DeVono to help them with their building and location search. Once this was completed and their ideal space found,  it was all about regular communications with the team to keep them engaged with what we were doing. During the build phase we held weekly site meetings with the project team, which was then relayed back to Cero employees to help keep momentum and buzz around their soon to be home.

The existing ceiling of exposed services meant the ceiling was overall busy and there wasn’t a ceiling grid, so acoustics treatment was very important. We had suspended ceiling slats in the boardroom and acoustic wall treatment in the smaller meeting rooms to aid privacy and block out any external noise.

Result / Final outcome:

The finished space is a working environment that can flex to Cero’s growing needs. The space provides a large, social, versatile breakout space for employee to come together, collaborate and communicate, whilst also offering areas for independent, head down working activity.